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F. Daniel Ryan

Dan Ryan is co-founder and Chairman of NRG Management. Mr. Ryan has over 34 years of experience serving the natural gas requirements of industrial clients since the commencement of natural gas deregulation in the mid 1970’s. Prior to founding NRG Management in 2003, Mr. Ryan founded EnergyGateway LLC in 1999 and divested his interest in 2003. Mr. Ryan additionally founded, in 1974, what became Clinton Gas Systems, Inc. (Clinton Gas Marketing and The Clinton Oil Company) and remained President until its sale to Enron late in 1996. Mr. Ryan took Clinton Gas Systems, Inc. (CGAS) public in 1987. Mr. Ryan’s energy expertise includes supply side management and strategic planning for large industrials, bypass leverage evaluations and utility negotiation, pipeline construction, exploration and production and oil and gas reserve evaluations and acquisitions. Mr. Ryan is a member of the World President’s Organization.

Kenneth L. Brooks

Ken Brooks is co-founder and President of NRG Management. Mr. Brooks has over 39 years of experience in the natural gas industry related to exploration and production, regulatory matters, transportation and strategic planning. Mr. Brooks specializes in industrial strategic energy management including energy leverage analysis and alternative energy supply evaluation. Mr. Brooks previously spent 10 years with Clinton Energy Management Services and Clinton Gas Marketing defining and developing natural gas leverage opportunities for large industrial clients. Mr. Brooks was Founder of Eagle Mountain Energy Corporation in 1981 an oil and gas development company, and remained its President until its sale to The Clinton Oil Company in 1991. Mr. Brooks was also General Manager, Corporate Energy Group for The Anchor Hocking Corporation from 1975 to 1981; President of Gas Transport Inc. (an interstate natural gas pipeline company) and VP and administrative head of a Keenan Oil Company subsidiary (an oil broker and re-refiner). Mr. Brooks was a Research Engineer with The Columbia Gas System from 1968 to 1975.