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NRG was founded by two Energy Industry Experts who have created a Consulting niche specializing in > Natural Gas Strategies for Large Manufacturers.
Engage NRG and pay us from Savings.
NRG may be able to Reduce Your Transportation Costs on a Successful Efforts Basis >> No Client Savings – No NRG Cost <<
Most of our Clients take advantage of NRG’s “Successful Efforts - Shared Savings” Corporate Solution Program whereby NRG identifies opportunities and locks in easily measurable long-term hard dollar savings for a small “Performance Fee” paid from Client Savings only.
At no cost to Client and with little time and information, NRG can determine if Client has Savings Opportunities.
There is ‘No Downside Risk’ so why not engage NRG today?
NRG has achieved over $400 Million in hard dollar ‘Client Savings’.


Ask Dan and Ken how to get started.